What's the new trend for Christmas presents?


What's the new trend for Christmas presents?

For example, what to give to grandma, aunt, a friend of the heart that perhaps loves cooking or who loves to receive guests delighting with his dishes?

What do you think of a wooden spoon with your dedication in the handle and maybe in the middle a big heart with the name of who will receive it and another sentence around? The heart then (but it could also be a flower, a chef's hair, etc.), it could be just the color you want, which may be combined with the color of the kitchen where it must be hung! you decide everything! sentence, drawing, color ... you are the designer of your gift and you create it thinking of the person who has to receive it, which every time you look at it will inevitably think of you and the moment you received it! Beautiful, is not it? The wooden spoon ready in 24h, packed with a gift bow costs only 10 euros excluding shipping.

Another idea of great effect and at the same time usable for its original purpose is the cutting board with dedication and design (15 euros) or with your photo, the photo of your children or a picture of who should receive it (25 euros); think about the effect that will once brought to the table with the design, the phrase or the photo that you have chosen. You will give an object that can not exist like one in the world! Do you want an original idea that is dedicated to Christmas? Give away our photo balls to decorate the tree with photos of all the family members! A nice idea to create your genealogical Christmas fir tree ... yes, because every year you can add a new ball picture or maybe give it to another birthday or name day anniversary, until all the members of your family are reached. The photo balls can be in wood with dedication in the back or with color photos (from € 8). Of course, on Christmas day, the tree will certainly be already packaged, but a branch where you can always hang it!

Who likes the wooden objects, especially to decorate the table of parties, in addition to cutting boards and various types of ladles offered, we can also customize under pots, under plates, plates marks etc. All our processes are unique, performed in record time, following your directions. Designed by you and created by us .... continue to follow us for many other innovative personalized gift proposals